Crowdfunding and Politics

When it comes to running for office, some people are too worried that they won't get the votes, even though they have great ideas and are in touch with their constituents. But what if you could know, before you ran, if you had a chance of winning? That's where...

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Gender Disparity in the US

"The U.S. ranks 101st, below China, Iraq and Afghanistan, when it comes to gender equity in our national legislature—down from 52nd two decades ago." Politico recently published a news article outlining the major gender deficit that the US is facing regarding women...

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Pathway to Politics

Thinking about running for office or considering working on a campaign to support another woman?  Then join us  on May 17th from 5:30 - 8:30  for a bi-partisan panel featuring  current female legislators, judges and local elected officials as they share their...

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