When it comes to running for office, some people are too worried that they won’t get the votes, even though they have great ideas and are in touch with their constituents. But what if you could know, before you ran, if you had a chance of winning? That’s where Crowdpac comes in! This new crowdfunding service is aimed directly towards individuals interested in exploring the idea of running for government office. This platform allows for potential candidates to make a page, share it, and receive feedback before committing.

Moreover, in our world today, a candidate that is running for office can lose simply because their opponent has more money. Although this is an unfortunate fact, it’s one that many candidates find all too real. Crowdpac allows for individuals to donate to candidates they agree with, or just wish to support! This new crowdfunding platform has allowed people to campaign and gain support in a way they may have previously though impossible.

In fact, it has allowed people like Regina Bateson to realize their potential in government office. Read more here or listen to her inspiring story!