Mike Murphy

Murphy knows Indiana.  A native Hoosier, he was born and raised in South Bend, where he worked his way through the University of Notre Dame, as a member of UAW Local #5 (Allied Products, Stamping Division).  After earning his B.A. in American Studies, Murphy launched a 9-year career in broadcast journalism, reporting in six Midwestern states including Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.

Murphy joined the administration of then-Lt. Gov. John Mutz, where he was responsible for all economic development marketing.

Murphy next joined Melvin Simon and Associates, Inc, (now Simon Property Group) where for the next four years he worked in government and public relations, with responsibility for gaining right-to-build permits on specific development sites.

Murphy helped The Associated Group (now Anthem)  re-position its brand and corporate communications as the company grew from a one-state Blue Cross and Blue Shield company to a Fortune 500 health care financing company.  He also held roles in e-business, Y2k, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions.

While at Anthem, Murphy was elected to the Indiana General Assembly, serving 16-years in a variety of assignments, including: Chairman of the House Technology Committee; Ranking member, Rules Committee; member of Ways and Means, Commerce, Labor, Education, Agriculture, Public Policy, Insurance, Family and Children, and Veterans Affairs Committees.  Murphy also was Chairman of the Republican Party for Marion County (Indianapolis) for three years.  In 2007, He was nominated for the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Murphy served as chairman of the board of Monarch, Inc., a $290-million beverage distributor (10-largest in the United States), and E&F Trucking, a Monarch subsidiary.

Murphy was nominated for and participated in the Commandant’s National Security Program, at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Army Barracks, Pennsylvania, in 2015.

Murphy serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Indiana Historical Society; the Board of Directors of Friends of Hidalgo; the Indiana State Republican Finance Committee; and is Chairman of CapitalPAC of Indiana.

Murphy is the author of “The Kimberlin Go to War:  A Union Family in Copperhead Country”, a non-fiction story about southern Indiana during the Civil War, available on Amazon.

He has earned a Master’s degree in American History from Indiana University.  He speaks and writes Spanish effectively.