It is going to take many women working together to make our first Ready to Run event a success.  So we need you to bring your talents to one or more of our committees. Please read the descriptions below and then sign up for a committee.

Program Committee: responsible for substantive program content, organizing speakers, and being the main point of contact for speakers.

Event Committee: responsible for arranging all venue and logistical concerns, keeping a close eye on our budget and coordinating the large “day of” volunteer pool.

Fundraising Committee: responsible for fundraising, securing corporate sponsors, and updating the budget with revenue calculations.

Marketing Committee: responsible for developing marketing efforts and related collateral, including website, registration, media strategy, etc. Includes promotion before, during, and after the event.

Scholarship Committee: The existence of this committee depends on the success of the fundraising committee—if the budget permits, we’d like to provide fee reductions for select applicants. Responsibilities of this committee would include developing the parameters of a scholarship program, developing an application form, vetting/deciding awardees, and facilitating fundraising where appropriate.

Day of Event Volunteers – This team will help with set up and tear down, assisting speakers, checking in attendees and answering question throughout the event.